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Dr. Theresa A. Carissimi had always dreamed of opening a holistic, multidisciplinary center for improving the health of all ages. The dream became a reality when Stirling Spinal Health & Wellness was opened in Cooper City, which she built from the ground up.

At our facility, we feature a wealth of solutions to the people in our community.

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We want everyone to access the care that they need to feel better. As such, we accept insurance and are in-network with many PPO plans, as well as auto accident victims. Contact us today for a same-day appointment or stop by for a walk-in visit!

Experience Our Multidisciplinary Approach

At Stirling Spinal Health & Wellness, all ages are welcome, from newborn babies to senior citizens. We provide chiropracticphysical therapyacupuncture, clinical nutrition, functional medicine, NAET, massage therapy and aesthetic medicine.

In our spa-like atmosphere, you can enter and let the stresses of your day melt away. We’re dedicated to making sure that you get out of pain, then educate you on preventing problems in the future.





Your incredible nervous system is responsible for the control and regulation of every function in the body. How can you keep this master system in top shape so that every other system can function optimally? The answer is simple: chiropractic. A chiropractor maintains your nervous system health by influencing the spine and removing any misalignments present. In turn, your function is improved, pain can be eliminated, and you can enjoy increased energy.

There are many conditions we commonly see:

  •  Car accident injuries

  •  Carpal tunnel syndrome

  •  Extremity problems

  •  Frozen shoulder

  •  Headaches

  •  Migraines

  •  Sciatica

  •  Whiplash



For thousands of years, acupuncture has been a trusted solution that can improve your health. Our chiropractors attended the University of Miami Medical School to earn an acupuncture degree and can provide this healing modality at Stirling Spinal Health & Wellness.

Restoring Health, Naturally | Acupuncture is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine. It involves thin needles that are inserted at specific points with nearly no sensation involved so that you remain comfortable. The placement of the needles will stimulate and regulate the energy in the body, called Qi. You can then achieve a natural state of hemostasis and enjoy optimal health.

Conditions such as shoulder and knee issues may be ideal for treatment through acupuncture.

Massage Therapy


Let the stress of the day melt away during a relaxing massage at Stirling Spinal Health & Wellness. We offer massage therapy on-site to help you heal and feel relaxed.

Massage therapy involves the manual manipulations of your body’s soft tissues, including tendons, ligaments, muscles and connective tissues. It relaxes tight muscles, breaks up knots, reduces anxiety, rehabilitates soft tissue injuries, eliminates pain and promotes your overall health.

Physical Therapy


It’s essential that your body has full mobility and function so that you can do all the things you want to in life. If you feel limited and can’t play with your children, grandchildren, are unable to go for a walk or get in a golf game, you’d like to regain your full abilities. The physical therapy available at Stirling Spinal Health & Wellness is a specialty within physical medicine that uses manual and mechanical modalities to make you mobile again.

The modalities that may be involved in physical therapy include:

  •  Aqua beds

  •  Electrical muscle stimulation

  •  Hydrotherapy

  •  Intersegmental traction

  •  Manual traction

  •  Therapeutic activities and exercises

  •  Ultrasound

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Dr. Theresa A. Carissimi

Chiropractic Physician

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Dr. Carissimi is the best chiropractor I've ever been to! She is super caring and absolutely hilarious. She will make you feel super comfortable because she genuinely cares about you. I always leave her office feeling better and lighter.

Michelle D.

Have to give a big shout out to Dr. Theresa Naples Carissimi of Stirling Spinal Health and Wellness! I get a severe back flare about once every year or two that leaves me incapacitated, flat on my back, for about 2 weeks.  Dr. Theresa put me back in the swing after just a couple of days. Much gratitude for her gentle yet highly effective approach that works!! And, she's funny, too!!

Erin G.

I have been going to Sterling Spinal for over a decade. This is a woman owed company  staffed with mostly females. Not to be clichéd, but Women nurture better and the clients are the recipients. I am a satisfied client. Thank you ladies.

J. Freds

Happy Clients


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9710 Stirling Road, Suite 112

Cooper City, FL 33024 \\ Tel: (954) 392-7700

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Monday – Friday  

9AM – 12PM & 2PM - 6PM


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